Proof That Biden’s Presidency Is Scripted — He Has No Idea What’s Going On

If you needed any more proof that Biden is simply a puppet of the Democrat party and that he’s got a whole group of people pulling his strings, then look no further. Once again, Biden decided he was going to use a list of pre-approve reporters after he met with the press while in Rome doing his G20 summit.

Biden discuss the meeting with other leaders of the world in Rome to talk about getting on board with climate change initiatives. He then opened the floor to some questions, but confessed that he was already told he should start with AP, the associated Press. So, he started with Zeke Miller, who he admitted he was told to start with.

Biden has already alluded previously to the fact that he has a pre-approved reporters list after he met with Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, back in June after his visit to Geneva.

Biden said he would take questions from the press, but that ‘as usual’ he was already given a list of the people he is supposed to call on.

The exact same thing happened in August of this year when President answered questions for the very first time after terrorist attacks in Kabul resulted in the death of over a dozen servicemen and women for the United States. Biden said he had a list that he was given, and was told to call on a reporter from NBC, Kelly O’Donnell.

This is not a new pattern, either, and reporter have noticed this since Biden first started speaking in public in January, where he did the same thing.

Fox News asked specifically about this back in January, and Psaki said that the system was to ensure that Biden was rotating appropriately through all the various pools of reporters, and that she would answer more questions, not Biden.

This was the first in a long list of evidence that proves Biden isn’t in charge of how, when or where he takes questions when it comes to the press. He is under increasing scrutiny from both sides of the press on these issues, especially as he continues his pattern of avoiding the press and snapping at anyone who asks questions that he deems “unfavorable.”

Author: Lilly Bates