Progressives Furious After GOP State Blocks Their Nonsense

The progressive intelligentsia continues to push their bankrupt philosophy of critical race theory. In response, Republican states are doing all they can to halt the spread of this dangerous ideology.

Last Monday, the Idaho State Senate cleared a bill sent from the House which would abolish the teaching of critical race theory in schools. The House Bill 377 will now be sent to Governor Brad Little for his signature.

The legislation declares that no public educational institution can instruct students that any ‘identity’ category (race, religion, nationality, etc.) is “inherently superior or inferior”, that people can be treated differently based on such characteristics, or that anyone is “inherently responsible” for the past actions of their ancestors.

State Senator Carl Crabtree, a sponsor of the bill, said that the bill is not intended to harm free and open discussion, but is a preventative bill. He says that while there isn’t currently a problem in the state caused by critical race theory, they want to prevent getting one.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation, a conservative lobbyist organization, said that they were disappointed with the bill. They say that the bill fails to protect faculty, who still may be forced into CRT indoctrination and have no legal protection if they refuse. They also claim that no clear consequences were laid out for public educational institutions which violate the bill. In their view, without a stick, the bill doesn’t accomplish much of anything.

Author: Arnold Humphrey

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