Progressives Celebrate Televised Pornography

The 63rd Grammy awards in Los Angeles were hosted last Sunday by Trever Noah. The ceremony was semi-socially distanced, and praised the works of last years most popular musical stars.

However, headlines and social media were all focused on one performance from the ceremony. Cardi B’s dance performance of her hit song “WAP,” aided by Megan Three Stallion.

Progressives couldn’t have been happier with the performance. Chloe Melas of CNN described the dance as representing “female empowerment” and “sexual pride.”

People magazine said that the performance was so “provocative” that it deserved an award on its own for being the “most jaw-dropping.”

For those who don’t know already. The song’s full name is “Wet A** P***y.” A sexually provocative song about deviant sex acts such as “Spit in my mouth” and “Gobble me, swallow me,” the song ends by repeating the lyrics “There’s some whores in this house.”

These Shakespearean lines are delivered while a practically naked Cardi B gyrates on a stripper pole and explicitly mimics lesbian sex acts with Megan Three Stallion on a bed.

While the left mocks conservatives for “pearl clutching” at such moments, it’s important to remember the context of the society in which performances like these are taking place.

WAP is being hailed as a “sex positive” vision of “female empowerment.” Those who praise the live broadcast of pornography on public TV are simultaneously banning Dr. Seuss books and pressuring Disney into keeping children safe from the monstrous messages contained in works such as Peter Pan and Dumbo.

It is ridiculous to argue that Dr. Seuss, Pepe Le Pew and Peter Pan must be eradicated in order to save society from becoming morally destitute, while upholding filthy songs and sex-charged TV performances as being inspirational for our children.

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