Progressives Burning Books: Offended By Dr. Seuss

America’s beloved author Theodor Geisel, popularly known as Dr. Seuss has been tried and found guilty by the part of “woke” progressivism.

A Virginia school is removing books by Seuss after “finding” that his books contain “strong racial undertones.”

School spokesman, Wayde Byard explained that they are moving toward a library which is “inclusive and diverse and reflective of our student community.”
Seuss was also accused of racism in 2017, when a museum displaying a mural of Dr. Seuss styled art included characters of Asians with chopsticks and long braids. The “jarring racial stereotype” was subsequently painted over.

If Dr. Seuss is “racist” then nothing will survive the purge of the leftist “newspeak” erasure of our American heritage.

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