Progressive Celebrity Lashes Out Over Leftist Censorship

New York Times columnist Charles Blow recently wrote an essay about Pepe Le Pew which has added to the firestorm over whether innocent cartoons should be censored. In Blow’s words, the fictional skunk is guilty of perpetuating and “normalizing rape culture.”

But Whoopi Goldberg had something to say about it during a Tuesday broadcast of “The View.” Goldberg and the other panelists were discussing eBay’s recent announcement that they would not allow the sale of six controversial Dr. Seuss books, because they have been accused of containing “racist imagery.” Goldberg protested, “I don’t know why you’ve got to erase everything.”

She said that she’d heard that Pepe Le Pew had been removed from the expected sequel of “Space Jam,” to which she asked why it was not sufficient to have altered the script to explain that “Pepe doesn’t do that anymore… he knows it’s not OK to jump on other skunks.”

Co-host Joy Behar said “Well, nobody likes Pepe Le Pew anyway.”

Goldberg emphatically replied “I do! I like Pepe!”

The insurrection of political correctness and “wokeness” literally has no bounds. Just like in Orwell’s 1984, we are seeing the emergence of doublespeak. We need more celebrities like Goldberg to speak up and protest this new nonsense.

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