Pfizer CEO Makes Stunning Confession About The Vaccine

The past few weeks have been awash with truths finally coming out about the pandemic and the role Democrats and Big Pharma have been playing to gain and even stronger stranglehold on the American people. Today was no different when the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla made remarks regarding the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID during a healthcare conference at J.P. Morgan this week. Bourla stated openly that the current vaccines the American public has available to fight off coronavirus only offer limited protection, if any, against the current strains and variants of the novel virus. Then, after admitting all of this, he went on to suggest that everyone get their booster shots. Go figure. 

This statement comes as a shock, especially considering the fact that Biden and his administrations have been pushing federal vaccine mandates like never before in the last few weeks. More specifically, Biden is trying to force mandates for federal workers, private businesses and contractors. The Supreme Court is meeting on these issues as we speak, and heard arguments for Biden’s mandates for medical workers and for private companies just last week. A ruling is expected to be made soon on whether or not the mandates are in direct violation of the constitution of the United States. 

In the midst of all this chaos, censorship campaigns are at an all-time high. People who have spoken out about the waning efficacy of vaccines in general, particularly Pfizer’s have been censored or banned by Big Tech and social media conglomerates. Bourla himself said last year that the vaccine was 100% effective against the vaccines, but as we can see from his comments this week, that just isn’t the case. 

Bourla also announced during the conference that Pfizer was developing their version of the vaccines that will work specifically against Omicron. They say this vaccine should be ready by March, but other health officials are predicting that this wave of Omicron, which is milder than previous infections, will likely already be over by then. Either way, Bourla isn’t inspiring much confidence in the already-controversial vaccine. 

Author: Jerry Bates