Pelosi Risks Her Soul (Literally) By Pushing New Agenda

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone oversees the San Francisco diocese in California, the same one to which Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi belongs. Cordileone wrote an essay for the Washington Post last weekend in which he detailed how politicians who openly oppose Church teachings such as promoting abortion can be excommunicated from the Catholic faith.

The archbishop said during his appeal to Catholic politicians writ large that they should oppose abortion, supporting initiatives such as the recent “heartbeat” law which passed in Texas. Cordileone said plainly that politicians “cannot be… good Catholic[s]” if they support a government which allows its citizens “to kill innocent human beings.”

The archbishop noted how over the summer the Catholic Church “provoked an uproar” with their discussions about the worthiness of pro-abortion politicians to take the Eucharist. Cordileone defended the church against critics who claimed that it was overstepping the boundary between politics and religion, but the archbishop “see[s] matters differently.”

Archbishop Cordileone said that during the Civil Rights movement, excommunication was used as a threat to counter racism. Cordileone pointed to the example of Joseph Rummel, then the bishop of New Orleans. He points out that Rummel was not a bishop who ‘stayed in his lane’ but rather took on “a long, patient campaign” that promoted racial equality over the appeasement of the public or even parishioners.

When his patience proved to be too little, he pushed harder against the individuals who still promoted racial segregation, then he issued letters urging that the same individuals find conversion within their hearts. When all else failed, he threatened excommunication, and in three instances, he followed through on his promise. Two of those individuals repented.

Cordileone said that the time has come for a tough stance on abortion has come since it is the most crucial and pressing challenge to human rights today.

The archbishop suggested that political supporters of abortion should refrain from taking Holy Communion. He also said that if the Church fails to take a hard stance against such politicians, that it will appear as though they do not take the pro-life situation seriously.

These warnings from Cordileone are probably sending shivers up the spine of the elderly Rep. Pelosi, whose lifetime of pro-abortion policymaking is catching up to her. At 81 years old, she may already feel the flames of hell biting at her heels.

Author: Sharon McCoy