Pelosi Pushes New ‘Bare Bones’ Budget, But It Isn’t What It Seems

Continued Democrat infighting on Capitol Hill leaves Americans more certain every day that the party is in absolute disarray. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued updated text for President Biden’s woke, massive budget.

The current version of the bill has literally lost count, but the bill she’s threatening to push through the House ‘hell or high water’ is the latest attempt at a reconciliation package that both appeases radical progressives and is just tolerable enough for moderate democrats to swallow. Pelosi and Biden’s budget takes strong consideration of moderate Democrats who failed to fall in line and rebelliously started thinking for themselves.

Still over 2,000 pages in length, the most recent edition of the proposed budget reconciliation contains a slough of leftist policies. While many pieces of ridiculous partisan spending have been killed off in older versions, some of them have been revived and there are even new whimsical inclusions in the bill now.

The Republican Study Committee carefully combed through the Frankensteinesque document and highlighted the most egregious policies in it.

New proposals in this version include federal drug price-setting which is certain to undermine private investment in medical research. Additionally, $500 million annually would be spent on agents for the Department of Justice to prosecute offending Americans in both civil and criminal court.

The bill also dropped stipulations against federal loans for projects that make use of forced labor in China, meaning that taxpayer dollars would now directly fund the continued enslavement of the Uyghur Muslim population.

Making a fresh appearance in Pelosi’s latest version of the bill is a new nicotine tax which violates Biden’s campaign promise that Americans earning under $400,000 per year wouldn’t see tax increases.

Pelosi also reintroduced a tax credit for mainstream journalists, $500 million in racially distributed schooling, the bill also institutionalizes divisive rhetoric that paints America as fundamentally racist and claims that minorities are denied a fair shot in the country.

Other radical woke spending plans of Pelosi include a leftist slush fund of $2.5 billion for “tree equity,” a $900 tax credit for purchasers of electric bikes, $2.5 billion in taxpayer dollars for “community based violence intervention initiatives” also known as a fancy bypass of the 4th Amendment for the purpose of attacking the 2nd Amendment. A further $10 billion is set aside to promote “environmental justice,” $250 million for the inclusion of “culturally appropriate foods” in school cafeterias, $3 billion for “climate justice block grants” and the big sticker item; $80 billion for a radical expansion of the IRS that would increase its manpower by 87,000 employees.

There’s no telling whether or not this latest bill will pass, but it shows that despite facing months of gridlock over ridiculous spending plans, the Democrats just can’t help themselves.

It’s nonsense like this that is going to cost the Democrat party big in 2022.

Author: Carol Moore