Pelosi Launches Stealth-Level Scheme To Take Over The Oval Office

Mark Milley, a Top General who betrayed Trump during his time as President, said in an opening statement while addressing the Armed Services Committee of the Senate on Tuesday morning, that he did not make inappropriate telephone calls to the military in China. He also said tried his best to reassure all Americans that he is completely dedicated to civilians having control of the military.

Milley says that he is directed specifically to communicate with China and her officials, and that his military communications with their military are extremely critical to maintaining the national security of the U.S. Milley also said that his loyalty to the nation, the constitution and the people of the United States has not and never will change as long as he has breath to breathe. Milley went even further to say that he has absolute loyalty, and would not turn his back on those that have fallen.

He said he believes civilians should have control of the nation’s military and all stressed that he doesn’t think that former President Trump was going to attack China during his final days as President.

Additionally in his remarks, Milley discussed a phone call from Nany Pelosi that happened at the beginning of this year, where she asked him multiple times about the processes involved in launching a weapon of nuclear intent. He said that he informed Pelosi that an attack of such magnitude would require multiple officials along the U.S. chain of command, and that the President has the sole authority to authorize such an attack.

Pelosi apparently called Milley to get information about Trump’s ability to launch a nuclear attack. Milley said he reassured her that a launch of nuclear proportions was a very deliberate process. Milley said she made many character judgements about Trump, and that he explained to her that Trump is the only one with launch authority. He also told her that he wasn’t qualified to assess the President’s mental health status, but that with all the processes and protocols set in place, there was zero chance of an accidental, illegal or unauthorized nuclear launch.

Milley said there was no time in which he was trying to usurp his authority or take over the chain of command.

Author: Vincent Smith