Pelosi Goes Berserk As Majority Power Slips From Her Grasp

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s dreams of a continued majority are being sabotaged as Democrat representatives Mike Doyle (PA) and David Price (NC) reportedly plan to announce their retirement from politics this coming Monday.

At last, some small part of the swamp is draining itself, with Price, who has been incumbent for the Fourth Congressional District of North Carolina since 1987 is finally leaving. Price has been absolutely loyal to Pelosi and critical to her promotion of radical Democrat ideology at Capitol Hill for decades, his voting record is literally 100 percent in step with Pelosi’s. Price said in an interview that the decision wasn’t easy and that he feels grateful to those who aided him in “this period of service.”

In a written statement, Price thanked the longtime supporters of his district which elected him throughout “18 successive campaigns,” his many staff members at Washington, and also thanked his family and wife, Lisa. He said that he would not be seeking re-election at the end of his term but that he would continue to work his utmost for the remaining 15 months.

Doyle’s office spoke to Politico, telling them that his retirement announcement will come this Monday in the afternoon. Doyle was elected to represent his district in 1994. Doyle was a close personal friend as well as political ally to Pelosi, with a voting record that sits 99 percent in line with the Speaker’s, he only deviated for a single vote during all those years in congress.

Doyle similarly issued a letter about his retirement, saying that he was ready to “pass the torch” with his seat and would not be seeking re-election after his current term. Doyle also thanked the people of Pittsburgh who elected him 14 times over for the seat. He, similarly to Price, promised to push for as many Democrat issues as he could before his term was out, such as President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending plan.

The recent flood of Democrat retirements and disobedience has severely crippled the party’s ability to maintain a house majority. Thirteen Democrats have already announced plans of retirement this term with rumors of more coming down the pike.

Author: Randal Burton