Pelosi Dishonors The Fallen In The Worst Way Possible

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked a public reading in the House of the names of the thirteen fallen U.S. service members who died in Afghanistan last Thursday.

Republican Representative Brian Mast told a news outlet that Pelosi shut down the entire House because of the Republicans request that the names be read.

The Republican half of the house shared a prayer, pronounced the Pledge of Allegiance, and held a moment of silence. The Democrats on the other hand, refused to acknowledge the Republicans reverence, and shut down the entire House in response.

Representative Carlos Gimenez called out Pelosi’s shameful behavior on Twitter, showing her actions for what they were; an attempt to throw the deaths of the service members under the rug because it reflects poorly on her party.

Representative Greg Steube criticized Pelosi’s actions, saying that it’s an example of just how badly “our nation has fallen.”

The Democrat dishonoring of fallen soldiers comes in the wake of renewed calls by Republicans for President Biden to resign. They argue that he is no longer fit to be president after his terrific screw-up of the Afghanistan withdrawal that left hundreds of American citizens stranded and billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment with our enemy, the Taliban.

Democrats also blocked a bill proposed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy which would have required the government to recover both the military assets and our stranded citizens. McCarthy shared the legislative defeat on Twitter, vowing that the Republican party will not stop making efforts to recover American citizens until every one has been returned.

Republican Ranking Member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, James Comer, demanded a briefing of the botched evacuation from the Special Inspector General in charge of Afghanistan Reconstruction.

Comer issued a press release thanking the Inspector General for his cooperation in offering to testify in front of the committee in the near future.

Comer blasted the Afghanistan situation as “unacceptable,” in the wake of multitudinous disasters caused by the incompetence of Biden and his administration. Comer swore that Republicans will not stop until those responsible have been held accountable.

Author: Kurt Barnett