Pelosi Can’t Afford This Secret About Jan. 6 To Leak

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, continues to drum up the January 6 Capitol breach by protesters as a political weapon aimed at the Republican Party. She’s made it increasingly clear throughout the proceedings however that she’s going to take all measures possible to suppress the facts which counter her narrative of that day’s events.

Jim Banks, the Republican Study Committee Chairman, was ousted from the January 6th commission last week for raising serious concerns about Capitol security on that day. Pelosi panicked and removed him from the committee, fearful that he might know some damning information about her responsibility for the security breach.

Now, Banks is giving a voice to Capitol Police who would testify about the security failures of January 6th, and want to improve security in the future so as to adequately protect elected members of Congress.

Gus Papathanasiou, Chairman for the United States Capitol Police Labor Committee said that the security failings which happened on January 6th were not a one-time event, but testified that the weak security was “months and years in the making.” He said that there is very little understanding of how uniformed security officers were left without adequate defensive capability by that time, adding that police officers were placed in a “position of vulnerability,” despite having voiced concerns about their capabilities for years. He also called out an institutional problem where leaders of the Capitol Police didn’t collaborate with frontline officers, instead all orders were carried out “top-down,” which Papathanasiou says created a “void of information and planning.”

Papathanasiou pleaded on behalf of the Capitol Police Union to allow active-duty officers to testify before Pelosi’s committee.

But their voices will never hear the light of day, because puppetmaster Pelosi can’t spin her web of lies properly unless she can generate the false narrative that a rabid pack of violent pro-Trump insurrectionists carried out a planned attack against the Capitol, rather than the mere trespassing of a handful of protesters.

Author: Jessie Copeland