Pelosi Accidentally Throws Herself Under The Bus — And It’s Hilarious

The United States is under good leadership with Joe Biden as President, so says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she praised the president’s management of the southern border.

She said that under Biden’s command, the nation is “on a good path” of correction from the “very bad situation” that she claims former President Trump created.

Pelosi also laid the blame of the spread of coronavirus from illegal immigrants on Republicans, claiming that Trump had called the pandemic a hoax, which is factually untrue.

The current migrant surge at the southern border was created by Democrats open border rhetoric and policies which were immediately put into place when Biden took office.

The surge in illegal crossings has overcrowded Border Patrol facilities and led to an increased spread in COVID-19.

Additionally, the U.S is reportedly experiencing about 1,000 “got aways” per day, that being illegals who were able to dodge apprehension by Border Patrol.

Author: Michael Clarke

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