Parents Erupt After School Reinstates Mask Mandate

Parents erupted in anger at a school board meeting in Franklin, Tennessee, where the Williamson County Board of Education cast a 7-3 vote to reinstate mask mandates for elementary schools. The rule pertains to all staff, students, and visitors.

The mask mandate was implemented as of Thursday and will continue until September 21st when the Board will reassess the situation to determine whether an extension is necessary.

Footage from the Tuesday meeting show protesters loudly shouting at the members of the school board after making their decision.

Parents chanted “No more masks!” and held signs that mocked the hypocrisy of leftist pundits like Obama and his massive maskless birthday party, which hosted hundreds of high-profile pundits and celebrities that have been pushing masks and vaccines since the start of the pandemic when in public.

Protesters outside of the school, upon hearing the news chanted “Will not comply!”

A small breakaway group of protesters followed a man to his car while threatening “we know who you are,” and “we will find you.” The man in question had requested a return to mask mandates during the public comment period.

Another protester warned the man that there’s “a bad place in hell” for him and warned that “everybody’s taking notes, buddy.” The protester added that the pro-mask parent would “never be allowed in public” ever again.

A sergeant from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office had to ask the protesters to remain calm and peaceful, telling them that he was there “for everybody’s safety… y’all just as much as… everybody else.” “I am begging y’all to be peaceful,” the sergeant pleaded.

Carol Birdsong, a school board spokeswoman told the local news Channel 5 that the passion that parents bring to their children’s education is one of the major factors in the school’s success over the years, but added that it does not provide an “excuse for incivility.”

Birdsong said that the school will make sure that all families and voices will be heard, whatever their opinion about the masks. For the time being, children who arrive at school without a mask will be provided with one.

Author: Megan Chambers