Other Nations Embrace Voter ID In Fallout Of 2020 U.S. Election

Following the disastrous turmoil of the U.S. 2020 election, it appears that it’s not just right-wing America who’s become distrustful of their voting fidelity.

According to The Guardian, all future general elections in the United Kingdom will now require voters to provide ID, additionally, there are new limitations on the number of mail-in votes that can be sent in on others behalf.

These measures are being implemented in order to “reduce the risk of electoral fraud” according to the supporting ministers.

The new law would apply to UK and English elections, however, Ireland already has voter ID laws in place.

American progressives are already panicking as other nations recognize the importance of secure elections and “warned” the U.K. that voter ID could be used to disenfranchise certain voters.

Millions of voters believe that Biden’s election was illegitimate. Common sense election security measures should be a bi-partisan issue, but unfortunately the left is only interested in political expediency.

At least other nations are being quick to recognize the value in ensuring that your voters are who they say they are.

Author: Curt Garner

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