On The Anniversary: How Biden Erased 20 Years Of American Prestige

It’s been 20 years since the U.S. suffered the worst terrorist attack in history on our own soil. It’s a time to look back across the past two decades, taking review of all that America has won and lost. America came together in unity after 9/11, and successfully beat back our enemies, thwarting many terrorist plots and keeping America safe.

But these accomplishments came at a great cost. In order to safeguard the nation’s values, liberties, and way of life, several hundred-thousand of our best men and women risked their lives, and thousands of those paid the ultimate price. The war in Afghanistan and the Middle East cost us 3,600 soldiers, about 2,500 of which were Americans.

These heroes did everything in their power to keep America free and terror at bay. We can never repay the debt we owe them. But we can honor their sacrifice.

The world today is even more dangerous, not less, with our enemies multiplying and gaining force this year.

The most immediate threat is a massive resurgence in transnational terrorism, something which was kept small and underground in former years, but has thrived and expanded under the tenure of Democrat President Joe Biden and his poorly executed, ill-advised Afghanistan withdrawal. His blunder has sent America down a path far more dangerous than ever before.

In 2001, the Taliban was a group of uncomplicated and barely funded radicals who could barely project their power. As of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the Taliban control more territory than they did at the time of that fatal incident. The Taliban are also better armed, now controlling billions of dollars in U.S. equipment and weapons that Biden left behind in the scramble to leave.

Worse still, the Taliban have hundreds of American hostages. Biden left those American stranded, and soon the Taliban will capture and identify them, putting them up for ransom in exchange for more money and weapons.

Adding insult to the situation, America’s allies now question whether we can be trusted as a serious superpower. The nation faces a crisis of leadership, and the whole world knows it. The Taliban just kicked out what used to be considered the strongest military superpower on earth, and it’s emboldened Jihadists from around the globe.

Biden has failed to keep America safe. He failed to honor what so many of our service members fought 20 years for. He even failed to appropriately honor fallen when they were transferred home recently.

Biden will not help America ‘Build Back Better.’ Unless somebody competent takes the wheel from Sleepy Joe, there may not be an America by the end of 2024.

Author: Douglas Baldwin