Obama Scrambles To Censor Leaked Birthday-Bash Photos

A social media crackdown took place after photos began leaking from former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party which by appearances was not ‘scaled back’ as was promised. On Saturday, guests were instructed to delete photographs from the event that got posted to Instagram.

Among the guilty were the rapper Trap Beckham as well as his manager, TJ Chapman, who shared pictures of themselves smoking marijuana. Using recreational cannabis is legal in Massachusetts, the state where the party took place. The venue was Martha’s vineyard, as was shown in posted photographs of the food and decorations available at the celebrity-packed party.

The New York Post reports that the photographs had to be deleted because the event had a strict ban on photography.

Beckham took down his posts and explained that he “had to delete… due to the rules,” but added that the party “was epic for sure,” and said that any leaked videos would be “going viral,” particularly because “nobody… seen Obama like this before.”

Chapman shared a video in which he called the event an “epic night,” and expressed frustration with “anybody [giving] a damn” about stories he posted. “Not cool,” he lamented.

Chapman also said that he guessed the party must have cost at least $1 million and was “the party of all parties.”

A video of Obama celebrating onstage was posted by singer Erykah Badu, but was also promptly taken down.

Regarding what information there is about the number of guests, a local police officer declared the traffic was a “s*** show,” over the radio as guests left the venue.

Notable celebrities spotted at the event include Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Dwyane Wade, Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, and Steven Colbert. The guest list was originally slated to include 700 people but was reduced after receiving public backlash as the event coincides with renewed calls from public health officials and the CDC to reinstate mask mandates and possible lockdowns.

Author: Sam Brewer