Obama Allies Turn On Biden In Ultimate Act Of Betrayal

Everyone has heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that’s especially true in Biden’s case. Only his hell is the road to socialism, an imaginary utopia which will destroy the soul of our nation.

President Biden continues to blow through trillions of taxpayer dollars while Socialists cheer him on. He’s been called the most progressive president since Franklin D Roosevelt. Republicans continue to sound the alarm but nobody is stopping him, even through Obama Democrats are even wincing under the radical pace at which Biden blows cash.

Former White House Economic Advisor Steven Rattner, who served the Obama administration spoke in an interview on MSNBC, warning that Biden’s spending spree will prove to be a recipe for disaster and that much of the money will end up wasted. In short, the massive government spending won’t produce the results it promises, but it certainly will cause devastating consequences in the long term.

Rattner said that his greatest concern with Biden’s spending initiatives is the “size and magnitude.” He says that his concerns include “inflation. . . deficit and the debt” and the plan’s “execution.” He claims that Obama’s plan faced heavy criticism for “very very small mistakes” and “the potential for mistakes.” But he says in regards to Biden’s plan that, “failure of execution here is high.”

Rattner says that there’s a great deal at stake, and that the President’s challenge is not to “deliver, not just passage” but instead to provide “actual real results for Americans.”

Rattner also explained that spending at this scale can’t be paid for by simply taxing the “rich.”

Earlier this week, Biden introduced the American Families Plan, another eye-popping spending package with a price tag of $1.8 trillion. This spending proposal comes on the heels of his $1.8 trillion ‘infrastructure package’ and the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package.

Trillion appears to be the new billion under the Biden-Harris administration.

Author: Terrance Fitzgerald

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