NYC’s Next Mayor Announced — Democrats Are In Full Meltdown Mode

Finally, it’s over. The official winner of the Democratic nomination for New York City’s next mayor is the black, former police officer Eric Adams. Adams nomination is a stark irony if not an outright stick-in-the-eye for the Democratic Party’s leadership in New York which has so staunchly embraced anti-police and pro-crime policies.

Eric Adams, despite lacking the same social media resources of competitors such as Andrew Yang, came out ahead because he was able to highlight and focus on the one thing that New Yorkers care about most after experiencing a full year of Democrat-imposed nonsense; public safety.

In a time when people are being murdered in Times Square during broad daylight, New Yorkers recognize the need for an effective and robust police force.

Liberals of late have tried to wave off the recent crime wave as being overblown, comparing todays statistics to the worst years of the 80’s and 90’s, but do things really have to degenerate so far as to reach 2,000 homicides before leftists’ start to care? That’s how bad things got in 1993 before Giuliani was elected to fix the situation. Liberals discarded good policies that worked, broken windows theory and stop-and-frisk were effective policies, the same goes for plainclothes anti-crime units.

Adams’ victory come shortly after soon-to-be-gone Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that the NYPD’s budget would be axed by $1 billion last summer. So how have the people of New York responded? By electing an ex-cop to fill his ignorant shoes. When people are being mugged and shot on the streets, leftist utopic dreams come second to what’s truly important; law and order.

While some may not satisfied that a Republican isn’t filling the seat, just realize what a long-shot that really is. Adams is still a blue-dyed candidate, but he’s nowhere close to the precipice of bonkers-bananas lunacy that more radical Democrats such as AOC and her fellow ‘squad’ members are.

He’s centrist enough that progressive news outlets are already attacking him, because he represents a roadblock to the wilder leftist agendas such as turning New York City into a completely socialist zone.

Author: Dominic Simpson