NYC’s First Lady Wants Residents To ‘Police Themselves’

The First Lady of NYC, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, is now asking private citizens to take it upon themselves to “physically intervene” in cases of violent crimes, just nine months after the couple joined the “defund the police” movement which redirected money from policing to social services.

Crime is at a recent high for New York City, with a doubling in shooting incidents for the year 2020, and 75 percent greater last month when compared to last year. The city has also seen a steep rise in burglaries and violent crimes against Asian-Americans.

Chirlane McCray took to Twitter to encourage her husbands constituents to start policing their own streets.

She offered some suggestions for how to go about confronting a “hate crime or incident”, such as distracting the assailant with a question like “What time is it?” She encouraged people to “be confident, assertive, [and] calm” when confronting a violent perpetrator, and to follow up with the victim afterward because “this shows them that they are valued.”

Her statements come a week after the death of Yong Zheng, who attempted to intervene in just the manner described to stop a burglary in Brooklyn.

McCray was appointed by her husband as the head of the “Commission on Racial Justice and Reconciliation” last June. A task force which determines which monuments and buildings should be renamed or removed based on their association with slavery.

NYPD officers refused to face de Blasion when officer Wenjian Liu was killed by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a disgruntled black who perceived racial injustice from the police.

Black Lives Matter activists who protest police abuse and oppression have repeatedly assaulted Asians to promote their cause.

NYPD listed 20 arrests for anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020, the majority of suspects were black.

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