North Korean Survivor Describes American College As Eerily Familiar

A famous North Korean defector offered a startling account of her experience at Columbia University, explaining that what she saw was brainwashing at a level far above what even North Korea pushes.

Yeonmi Park spoke with Fox News recently, describing her dismay at the astronomical cost of an Ivy League education that she described as being little more than indoctrination.

She said that in exchange for a “fortune. . . time and energy,” that she would “learn how to think,” but instead says that you’re simply forced into thinking “the way they want you to.” She added that the educational brainwashing “is insane,” saying that she expected more freedom of thought and expression in America but that there were “so many similarities” with her old country of North Korea, that she called the parallels “worrying.”

Just like North Korea, Park explains that anti-Western sentiment is institutional and widespread, and any appreciation for Western civilization will result in shaming. During her orientation for example, she was scolded by a staff member for claiming that she enjoyed classic literature.

Park said that she “thought it was a good thing,” to love classic literature, but the staff member explained to her that these classic works were written by people of “a colonial mindset” and therefore were “subconsciously brainwashing you” with racism and bigotry.

Park was even more confused by the manipulation of the English language through new gender pronouns. For Park, English is a third language that she learned as an adult. Sometimes she will mistake ‘he’ for ‘she’ or vice versa, but now that she’s expected to add in gender neutral language, she struggles immensely. She added that compared to American universities, “North Korea is not this nuts. . . crazy, but not this crazy.”

Park eventually learned that it wasn’t worth arguing with her professors, learning to “just shut up” in order to graduate. Park’s most pointed criticisms were laid against the woke scolds who never stopped lamenting about how oppressed they were. Park says that she’s seen genuine oppression and knows what it actually looks like, adding that the kids who constantly whine about oppression and injustice have no idea how difficult it is to earn freedom. Park added that she “literally crossed. . . the Gobi Desert” in order to liberate herself, but that “many [others] fought harder. . . and didn’t make it.”

Park warned that Americans have lost the ability to think critically. She said that common sense has been lost to such a degree that she cannot comprehend it. “It’s complete chaos,” she lamented, adding that it’s probably the intention of the Left as part of their plan to “destroy [everything] and rebuild. . . a Communist paradise.”

Author: Ken Lloyd