North Korea Restarts Terrifying Project Right Under Biden’s Nose

Biden is off-guard. He’s reeling from multiple crisis of his own making, being responsible for the worst U.S. military disaster in a generation, an oil shortage, an immigration crisis, and now even a crisis of legitimacy as the American public deems him less fit for the task with every passing day. Under the smoke screen of Biden’s many problems, our enemies in North Korea are firing up nuclear projects that were initially shut down by former President Donald Trump.

A report from the Atomic Energy Agency revealed that North Korea’s Yongbyon experimental reactor and radiochemical laboratory appears to be reactivated after years of inactivity.

The report details how there was no evidence of the compound being in use between December of 2018 and July of this year, but recently it’s been noted that coolant discharge has been emitting from the building, indicating that the reactor is back in full swing.

The deactivation of the plant followed swiftly after the summit between Trump and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un at Singapore in June of 2018. The action was part of agreements made regarding denuclearization of the country, however, it appears that the North Koreans don’t consider their bargain with America valid anymore under Biden’s direction, and have since resumed work on their nuclear programs.

The report details how the activities witnessed at the plant in recent months does not indicate mere “waste treatment or maintenance activities,” but strongly suggests that the plant is back in business. The timeframe of activity is reported to be “consistent with” a period necessary to process a reactor fuel core, according to previous knowledge about the reactor.

In the past, the reactor’s spent fuel rods have been used to manufacture fissile material for the country’s nuclear weapons program, processed at the radiochemical laboratory nearby. This is known to be the case despite propaganda claims that the projects were harmless training exercises.

The BBC reported on the Yongbyon facility previously, explaining how the site is the center of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. The report explains that the site was founded in 1961 following nuclear agreements with the former Soviet Union, and is now used for reprocessing plutonium from spent reactor fuel rods into weapons-grade material.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is not allowed by the North Korean government to access or visit their sites, so information about the facility is garnered using satellite information.

Biden’s promises to “build back better” seem not to apply to the U.S. as much as other global powers, as he engages in open acts of fealty towards Russia and China while embarrassing American military strength in Afghanistan. It’s little wonder that North Korea is taking advantage of the situation while Sleepy Joe has his hands tied.

Author: Lucia Swanson