NFL Star Reveals Secret ‘Tool’ Democrats Are Using To Divide America

Football star Brett Favre made comments earlier this week bemoaning the ruination of sports by politics, claiming that he believes that sports would be much better off if the two were separated.

Favre claims that sports should be something which unifies the country, and that when politics are mixed with it, that sports becomes a mere tool to divide people.

The Hall of Fame NFL legend says that he believes that Americans of both political persuasions want to watch their sports games without “what’s going on outside of the game.”

Favre’s comments follow shortly after Major League Baseball moved their All-Star game out of Atlanta, Georgia over new state voting laws.

Favre claims that he’s heard from fans who tell him that they stopped watching sports because it’s become too political. He says that while there’s always been problems, “issues within the world. . . country. . . states;” that sports used to be something unifying on the American landscape, and it should be again.

Author: Joanne Abbott

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