Newsom Finds Unexpected Ally In Recall Battle — But Things Just Turned For The Worse

Parked and passed out at a 7-Eleven gas station in Torrance, California, a convicted felon was found in possession of a loaded gun, multiple illegal drugs, and hundreds of ballots tied to the recall election of the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom.

Police responded to a call about the man, and investigators discovered that the suspect was already a known entity in the criminal world with a felony conviction. The suspect was found with Xanax pills, thousands of pieces of stolen mail, and 300 stolen ballots for Newsom’s upcoming recall election.

(Torrance Police Department)

Aside the ballots and stolen mail, police discovered a loaded gun, a scale, methamphetamine, and multiple credit cards and driver’s licenses belonging to other people.

(Torrance Police Department)

Those identified as having their ballots stolen will be issued new ones in the mail per the results of the investigation. The police department also reported that the incident is not connected with any other known instances of election ballot theft.

It is not immediately clear what the suspect intended to do with the ballots or how he acquired them. Police also said that investigation into the incident is partnered by the Los Angeles County’s Public Integrity Unit and the U.S. Postal Service.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, was arrested on charges of forgery, narcotics, and numerous weapons violations.

Democrat governor Newsom’s recall election will take place on September 14th. The push to oust the progressive pundit started in June of 2020 when his alleged mishandling of the pandemic put him in a negative public spotlight.

The effort to depose him became wildly popular after he was caught violating state-imposed COVID-19 restrictions that he implemented. He was caught red-handed at a high-end restaurant, maskless, and completely surrounded with people that are not of his household.

Author: Ted Rowe