New Heart Conditions Skyrocket — You Won’t Believe How The Media Spins This One

Health experts in the United Kingdom are warning that an explosion of heart conditions in young patients is a result of “post-pandemic stress disorder.”

A report from the London Evening Standard quotes Tahir Hussain, a senior vascular surgeon, who works at a hospital in London. Hussain said that he’s noticed a “big increase in… vascular conditions in my practice,” adding most worryingly that in recent days he’s seen a massive influx of “younger patients… requiring surgical and medical intervention.” Hussain notes that this unexpected and irregular rise in heart conditions was not present pre-pandemic.

How does Hussain and the mainstream establishment explain this sudden onset of mass heart disease? PPSD of course. Hussain argued that the changes are “a direct result of… increased stress and anxiety caused [by] post-pandemic stress disorder.”

Hussain also reported an increase in people dying in their homes from “pulmonary embolism and myocardial infarction,” both, he says, a consequence of self-isolating behavior where the individuals fail to seek out required medical care.

National Health Service psychological expert Mark Rayner suggested that as many as 300,000 heart conditions could be caused by PPSD. He said that its “urgent” that people become accustomed to the term PPSD as an ailment similar to PTSD.

However, many people expressed skepticism that a sudden increase in heart conditions amongst young individuals could be caused simply by the stress of lockdowns. This is an especially suspect argument given that the UK hasn’t had any lockdown measures in place for half a year now.

Candace Owens of DailyWire issued a scathing tweet that looked the problem straight in the face. Rather than accepting the lie that “PPSD” is responsible for a sudden mass health crisis, could it be that a certain vaccine known to have heart-condition side effects might be in play? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Author: Sylvester Fleming