New Biden Poll Has Democrats In a Frenzy

Americans are deeply concerned about President Biden’s ability to perform his job as Commander-in-Chief. He is nearing seven weeks in office, all the while, gaffing during every one of his limited public displays and refusing to hold a solo press conference with the media.

When Americans were asked how they felt about Biden’s lack of access to the press. The survey revealed that 52% of Americans were concerned about Biden’s poor relations with the press, 37% checked “Very Concerned” and 22% claim to be “Not At All Concerned.”

But even left leaning figures, such as CNN’s Brian Stetler have taken notice of Biden’s limited access to his operations in the White House. He writes that one of the metrics of a president’s accessibility is to count how many press conferences they’ve held, “by that count, President Biden looks invisible.”

He then encouraged reporters to continue pressuring the POTUS and White House for “more Q&A access,” because “Biden should… tell the public about what he’s doing.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has claimed that Biden will hold a solo press conference at some point, but refused to commit to a date.

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