Netflix Under Fire After Airing Outrageous Anti-Christian Program

Netflix is taking heat after a graphic and disturbing episode of “Paradise P.D.” aired featuring a cartoon character Jesus shilling for the NRA and engaging in a threesome.

What are the details?

As highlighted by Newsbusters, season three episode “Trigger Warning” features a “gun-wielding Jesus” and “turns into a porno.”

The season’s fourth episode addressed gun control and legislation by “ridiculing white male gun owners for using guns as a replacement for testosterone.”

“Paradise’s police chief confesses to needing a gun to get an erection and the head of the NRA says the initials stand for ‘Nards Removed Association,'” the outlet notes. “The script is off-the-wall, even for this totally unrealistic series.”

In the episode, one of the cartoon police officers is concerned over gun violence and tries to effect “sensible gun control” reform in the department through his father, the police chief.

One officer responds, “Give it a rest. I’m sick of you liberals acting like guns are the only dangerous thing in society. Mayonnaise kills people.”

The officer tells his mother, the mayor, that she should do something to enact gun control across the city.

“The chief says before she turns Paradise into ‘Communist Canada,’ he’ll take them on a tour of the NRA,” Newsbusters reports. “Kevin agrees to go in exchange for his father watching the Moore video.”

The tour, according to the outlet, “includes a gun pit with a dead kid buried in it” as well as the corpse of the late actor and Second Amendment activist Charlton Heston as a statue with the quote, “Pry this gun from my cold, dead hands and win a Republican Senate seat.”

During the tour, a faux NRA head — named in the cartoon “Mr. Chip F***-Yeah” — then goes on to show the chief and his son a disturbing video portraying what the world would have looked like if guns existed in Jesus’ day.

The video, according to the outlet, features “Jesus as a prop to show how ‘guns make a better world.'”

“The video is horrifically offensive, with Jesus coming down from the cross to kill his persecutors with machine guns and then have sex with two women,” the report continues.

It continues in a similar vein from there.

According to the outlet:

The NRA has developed smart guns called Mr. Bang-Bang. The organization wants all guns to be smart guns and mandatory for everyone. The catch is that, by everyone, he means white people. In order to sway the mayor, she is offered a suitcase of Russian money and she takes the bribe.

The guns take on the personality of their owners. The NRA programs them to shoot anyone deemed a threat. When a black officer walks into the room, for example, the guns turn on him. Kevin shows Mr. Bang-Bang articles on the internet about school shootings to convince the smart gun that guns don’t make everything better. The smart guns have an epiphany – just take out the ammunition and the gun is rendered safe. Kevin becomes pro-gun with this idea.

The gun control measures that Kevin and the smart guns decide are reasonable include 30-day waiting periods to buy a gun and an AR-15 ban. Gina objects, citing the Second Amendment. The chief, who has turned more liberal, says the Founding Fathers never anticipated the guns we have today so the Second Amendment isn’t relevant to the modern-day. This, too, is a common argument put forth by anti-gun liberals.

(Content warning: Rough language, inappropriate graphics):

Author: Sarah Taylor

Source: The Blaze: Netflix’s ‘Paradise PD’ under fire after airing graphic, anti-NRA episode of Jesus carrying out mass killing, having a threesome with 2 women

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