Need a Transplant? There’s Only One Place You Can Get One If You’re Unvaccinated

Horror stories have been unfolding across the nation as medical institutions increasingly take Americans lives into their own hands by refusing to perform transplant surgeries on those who have chosen not to accept the swiftly-developed COVID-19 vaccine.

But Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced recently that his state would no longer participate in such petty and deadly games. Patients can now receive transplants in Texas without concern over their vaccine status.

Abbott, in response to concerns from those whose other state medical systems have been denying organ transplant requests on the basis of vaccination status said that he welcomed such individuals to receive their life-saving transplants in Texas.

Abbott’s office issued a statement which slammed Democrat policymakers for having “gone too far with their vaccine mandates.” The statement expressed frustration with how the Democrat party has switched from “endangering people’s livelihoods… [to] endangering people’s lives.” The statement continued to highlight how in Texas, vaccination is completely voluntary and never compelled. It then reviewed the consequence of the new state policy, which protects and saves those who have been “denied critical, life-saving organ transplants” in their own states, and invites such people to come where their “rights and freedoms are always protected.”

Concerns about denying patients’ organ transplants based on vaccination status began earlier this month when Representative Tim Geitner of Colorado exposed how UCHealth turned down a woman in dire need of a kidney transplant for not being vaccinated.

Dan Weaver, a spokesman for UCHealth issued a rebuttal on the matter, speaking not in the case of the unvaccinated woman but simply claiming that being vaccinated is a requirement for organ transplants across the board as a matter of policy. Weaver claimed that organ transplants have always required vaccines against various illnesses, such as MMR and hepatitis B. Weaver also argued that requiring a vaccine was no more imprudent than asking a patient to refrain from smoking or alcohol prior to surgery.

Weaver also claimed that transplant patients without vaccines face a significantly higher mortality risk, with a fatality rate of 20% to 30%.

Abbott’s decision has been lauded by Republican state lawmakers, such as Texas state representative Briscoe Caine who said that hospitals in the state must now choose “patients before politics.”

Representatives at UCHealth have not yet given any comment on the matter.

Author: Anne Miller