NCAA Joins The Woke Mob, See How…

The NCAA made an announcement on Monday claiming that they fully support transgendered student-athletes and refuse to permit championship events to be held in states which have enacted laws to protect female athletes.

The Board of Governors cited a lengthy commitment to their “values,” which includes promoting transgendered females who have undergone testosterone suppression treatments. They claim that this is in keeping with the “evolving science” which supports their position.

However, a recent study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that even after extended hormone therapy, transgendered women still have a massive athletic advantage over biological females.

The statement from the BoG further stated that when deciding on where to hold championships, they would only choose from locations which offer “an environment. . . safe, healthy, and free of discrimination.” Or in other words, they will bar women in states which acted to protect female athletes rights from competing in NCAA events.

Penny Nance, President and CEO of Concerned Women for America criticized the NCAA for their stance. She said that for years, the NCAA has placed politics over “science or safety” when it comes to transgendered athletes. She called the NCAA out for throwing female athletes “under the bus” and claimed that the organization “has no regard for real fairness. . . only woke politics.”

Author: Elaine Robertson

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