Migrant Rapist Gets The Perfect Visit From Karma

A woman was recently arrested by Spanish police after she defended herself from being raped by her Bangladeshi boss, cutting off his penis in the process.

The woman, a Bangladeshi herself, was employed at a bar 30 minutes away from Barcelona, and claims that her boss had been subjecting her to sexual harassments for weeks before his rape attempt.

On Monday, the woman said that her boss attempted to rape her, during the struggle, she grabbed a knife and cut off his penis.

Local head of police, Inspector Oscar Carreras, said that the man received emergency surgery at a hospital. The woman was arrested on the suspicion that she amputated her boss’s penis, while the boss was later arrested for attempted rape. Both individuals have pre-existing criminal records.

Barcelona has been dealing with migrant crime for years, a 2019 report revealed that of Spain’s top 10 most prolific criminals, only one was native born.

Spain is under pressure from another migrant crisis right now, primarily at its two North African cities which lie just across from the mainland. The cities are Ceuta and Melilla, both of which border Morocco.

Last month, Ceuta saw over 8,000 migrants enter the city illegally in just one day, the government claims that it deported over 6,600 illegals to Morocco, but many are known to still be in the city.

Author: Ramiro Mathis