McConnell Faces Day Of Reckoning At The Hands Of Trump

Trump invited donors to his Mar-A-Lago resort for the last speech of the RNC donor summit over the weekend, but what came next surprised everyone. Trump veered off his prepared speech, to throw a few punches to RINOs and other political traitors of America.

Trump started with Fauci, sounding the alarm on his lies and ridiculous policy changes, and how he want everyone to wear at least five masks. Trump then blasted him as one of the most dislikable men in America, who only has any fans because he contradicted the former President.

Trump took swipes at many other politicians, but no one got it worse than Mitch McConnell. Trump called McConnell out as a “stone-colder loser.” But he didn’t stop there. Trump’s next zinger has McConnell branded as a “dumb son of a bitch” for his traitorous actions during Trump’s presidency.

One thing is for sure, if McConnell thought he could get away with betraying the former President, he’s definitely having his day of reckoning now.

Author: William Schroder

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