Maxine Waters Begs Police To Save Her — But It’s Too Late

Maxine Waters is in some serious hot water right now. It turns out, the anti-police congresswoman, who was SO “passionate” about the need to rid the world of police officers and stir up even more violence, actually used the police on the way to her anti-police rally.

That’s right. Mrs. Waters wants to rid America of our protectors, but only when it’s convenient for her politically. She wants violent rioters roaming the streets, but is terrified they might actually get to her. So, what does she do? She calls the police.

Waters is very lucky that the defending police officers acted as professionally as they did, or things could have been much worse for her. But it just goes to show you the length democrats will go with their hypocrisy.

Republicans in Washington aren’t going to let this go, either. Social media erupted with tweets from GOP leaders, condemning Waters for her blatant double-standard and demanding action from House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Only time will tell if karma will find it’s way back to Waters, but one thing’s for sure, Republicans will be (im)patiently waiting for that day.

Author: Kody Stephens

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