Mainstream Media Goes Ballistic — Calls On Military To Enforce Biden’s Mandate

Just when you thought the mainstream media couldn’t get any crazier, they go and up the ante with a jawdropping recommendation that American soldiers should force COVID-19 vaccines into the arms of American citizens.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer went on a rant earlier this week, saying that the United States should enforce universal vaccination using the military in order to fight “the war on COVID.” He added that unvaccinated Americans should be made to plea their case before a court in order to achieve “conscientious objector” status to avoid the vaccine.

Cramer, normally known for his commentary on financial markets and high energy, started his show as usual by examining stocks and the economy. Cramer suddenly shifted his rant towards slamming the “toothless” vaccine mandates by the Biden administration that were shot down by courts over the past few weeks.

Cramer whined about the failure of the CDC, the FDA, NIH, and most recently OSHA’s ability to force needles into arms all across America. He said that the situation is “just plain wrong” and added that “most of us are sick of it.”

Cramer attacked “antivaxxers” and cried that the “charade must end.” He called on the government to require vaccines universally, and added that it was completely insufficient to do it on a “company by company… governor by governor” basis.

Cramer then brought up former President Dwight Eisenhower’s efforts to push the polio vaccine, which successfully eliminated the disease from the earth back in the 1950’s. He pondered whether President Biden could use the military to similarly coerce the American public today to achieve 100% vaccination.

The news host added that it is “psychotic” for unvaccinated to lawfully be in public places. He called unvaccinated individuals “incubators” for the virus and said that Eisenhower would be shocked at the current situation.

Cramer then called for a full out “war against COVID” and recommended that “the military run it.”

It’s not clear on what scientific basis Cramer made his argument, since it’s been very well established that both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike can spread COVID-19.

Author: Clarence Gray