MAGA Homeowner Takes Home Major Win Against President Biden

The New Jersey town of Roselle Park has brought an end to its censorship attempt against one of their resident’s protest signs after the ACLU stepped in on behalf of the homeowner.

Roselle Park has approximately 13,000 residents and sits a short 19 miles away from the Democrat stronghold of New York City. The city brought suit against homeowner Patricia Dilascio and her daughter who resides in the home, Andrea Dick, over anti-Biden protest signs that Dick placed in the front yard.

A Municipal Court Judge, Gary Bundy, issued a ruling concerning the case that demanded the signs be removed or the homeowners face a hefty fine of $250 per day. He ruled on the grounds that the signs broke town ordinances against public obscenity.

The signs contained profanity, with language such as “Joe Biden Sucks, and “F*** Biden.” Roselle Park’s Democrat Mayor, Joseph Signorello claimed that the primary reason for trying to take down the signs was the high-visibility of the profanity in a location very near to an elementary school, explaining that he’d received many complaints from residents near the home.

But the situation ended when the New Jersey chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union stepped in and demanded that the town drop the case on First Amendment grounds, marking a major free-speech victory for Dick and her mother.

“We both feel so relieved,” said Dick, stating how glad she was that the legal troubles were over.

After giving in to the slanderous remarks against his own Party’s President, Signorello said that the costs of a major legal battle with Dick and her mother were a major consideration in dropping the case.

The executive director of the ACLU chapter in New Jersey, Amol Sinha, gave a statement about the case, stating that the specific purpose of the First Amendment is to protect free speech regarding “strong opinions on political issues.” He added that the protection afforded by the First Amendment must allow citizens to feel free to express themselves “without fear of punishment.” Sinha also said that the case’s dismissal is proof that their pro-free-speech stance is correct, saying that the town “had no grounds” for requesting the political signs’ removal or to issue fines.

“It was an uncomplicated case,” Sinha remarked.

Author: Kim Floyd