Liz Cheney Still Grasping At Straws — Begs Republicans To Take Her Back

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) spoke at an event titled “Women, Power, and Equity,” hosted by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, claiming that she sees her own “re-election bid” being a referendum that reflects on the entire “future of the Republican Party.”

Cheney said that voters are faced with choosing “traditional conservative values” versus “loyalty to. . . Donald Trump.” She added that the 2022 midterm election is expected to be especially difficult for her.

Cheney was deposed by the Republican party earlier this month for her repeated attacks against former President Donald Trump over his statements about the 2020 election outcome. She even declared that she was regretful for voting for him.

Trump cheered at the news that Republicans had removed her, calling Cheney “a bitter, horrible human being.”

Cheney said in her interview that the midterm election is expected “to be a hard-fought race” which is likely to garner national attention. She added that the election will be an opportunity for Wyoming voters to “demonstrate. . . commitment to the Constitution.” She says that the race will prove to be “very important” to the Republican party’s future “and the future of our republic.”

Cheney made note during her interview that her policies are nearly identical to Trump’s, such as her stance on leasing public lands for oil and gas production.

Cheney was one of only 10 Republicans that voted for Trump’s impeachment. She defended her decision by saying that she had to choose between staying in power and “perpetuat[ing] the lie about the last election,” which she called “dangerous.”

She expressed hope that Republicans would rally to the call for traditional conservatism rather than bolstering Mr. Trump. When asked about a potential presidential run in 2024, she responded by saying that her focus was currently on her re-election bid.

Polls from this month reveal that Cheney will be in hot water come the midterms. The data revealed that the congresswoman lost 36% favorability rating, brining her approval rate to a mere 35%. In fact, 52% of voters claimed that they would support her opponent with no regard as to who that person is. The same poll found that Trump enjoys a 60% approval rating in the state of Wyoming, overwhelming by nominal standards.

Author: Sharon Griffith

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