Liberals Melt Down After ‘Super Straight’ Trend Goes Viral

The “super straight” movement has it’s origins on TikTok, but is spreading across the internet quickly. The new brand is a way of self-identifying ones sexuality in the same manner as an LGBT person would. By the LGBT communities own rules, having a sexuality they were born with means that they must be respected at all times.

While liberals are trying to stop the growth of the “super straight” movement, it’s viral spread is only increasing. The reason is obvious, over 94 percent of Americans “identify” as straight, with 5.6 percent taking on one of the many LGBTQIA labels. This is a near doubling in figures from 2012, (3.5%) before it was trendy to be trans, gay or lesbian.

Liberals are getting defensive because they worry about getting outnumbered at their own game. They are up against their greatest foe in the culture war on the issue of sexuality: Biology.

Men and women are naturally attracted to the opposite sex, a basic biological framework that guides us to procreate with each other. It’s something that most people can’t help. Unlike the claims of the progressives, it’s not a mere societal preference taught to the masses over generations. It is a basic biological impulse going back to creation.

“Super straight” underlines something that the left doesn’t want to admit is true. Straight people can’t help that they are attracted to members of the opposite sex, they were born that way.

The “super straight” movement is winning the game that the social justice warriors created to make them lose. Because it has the logic, the numbers, and the backing of biology.

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