Liberals Lose It Over GOP Governor’s School-Saving Measure

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking drastic measures to abolish critical race theory from its public schools. The governor stated that education should focus on “foundational principles” instead of viewing all of history through the narrow lens of race.

Critical race theory has been gaining momentum recently, with The New York Times pushing their own ‘1619 Project’ which reframes the entire history of the U.S. as being built on slavery alone.

DeSantis said that Florida’s new school curriculum “will expressly exclude unsanctioned narratives” including CRT as well as “other unsubstantiated theories.” He added that taxpayers dollars should not be spent on “teaching kids to hate their country.”

West Virginia is also making moves to ban critical race theory from their schools, Republicans introduced a new bill to the state House that would ban the defunct narrative from their public school system.

The legislation bans explicitly “divisive concepts” such as teaching children that the “United States is fundamentally racist or sexist” or teaching which insists that individuals are “inherently [bigoted] whether consciously or unconsciously.”

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance’s New York branch denounced critical race theory as “a hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud” calling for it’s removal from American culture and education.

They explain in an open letter that critical race theory is sold as being part of “anti-racism and diversity, equality and inclusion,’ but in reality, it’s just the opposite “from its very roots” they say, the theory is “repressive, discriminatory and divisive.”

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