Liberals Lose It After Alabama’s Puberty’ Bill Passes

The Blaze is reporting the Senate in Alabama has passed legislation that would outlaw hormonal therapy and sex change operations for persons under the age of 19.


Every Republican-controlled state in the Union needs to follow Alabama’s lead on this. Normal, everyday Americans are not on board with transgender ideology being pushed on kids. We need a party that is not afraid to stand up to the liberal PC police. We need a party that is not afraid of being called bigots on this issue. We need a party that calls INSANITY…INSANITY!

People are craving leadership on this issue. It is a parent’s rights issue. It is an issue of protecting children from child abuse. Will the Republican party PLEASE STAND UP?!

The Alabama Senate has passed a bill that would criminalize administering puberty blockers or performing sex change surgery on transgender minors.

According to The Hill, the legislation, dubbed the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, passed the state’s upper chamber in a 23-4 vote Tuesday, and is now headed to the Alabama House of Representatives where it has a good chance of approval. CBS News pointed out that the House “has already approved a companion bill.”

If signed into law, the act would mean medical professionals caught providing treatments to youth under the age of 19 with care for gender transition would face a felony conviction with up to 10 years in jail or a $15,000 fine.

Alabama is leading the way for the nation on this issue. To that I loudly proclaim, ROLL TIDE!

CBS News reported that while several similar measures have been considered across the U.S., Alabama’s act could become the first of its kind to become law.

Meanwhile, the Alabama House is also considering a bill that would prohibit transgender youths from competing on school sports teams that do not align with their born gender. That legislation is not the first of its kind.

Last year, Idaho passed a law banning biological males from competing in women’s sports in the state, which prompted a federal lawsuit from advocacy groups who claimed the new law violates constitutional privacy and discrimination protections.

The GOP has been largely silent and running scared on trans issues while women’s rights and parental rights are trampled. It is time to speak up and get really loud about these issues.

Author: Jennie Cotrinski

Source: Chicks On Right: BREAKING: Alabama Senate Passes Bill Banning Puberty Blockers and Sex Changes For Kids

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