Liberals’ Backward Safety Logic Is On Full Display

New York City’s annual Pride March has ‘cancelled’ an entire category of very important attendants: police.

In an effort to make LGBT attendees feel safe, the NYC Pride group is seeking to ban police from their march event until 2025. The move is also meant to be a wrist slap to make police “acknowledge their harm.”

Last Saturday, the group argued that the decision to ban police from their events will “create safer spaces” for people who identify as “LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC” since they claim that “violence against marginalized groups. . . has continued to escalate.”

According to the new rules laid out by NYC Pride, officer’s presence will only be permitted when “absolutely necessary” and in those instances must remain “at least once city block away” from the events. The ban even applies to members of GOAL, the Gay Officers Action League.

In response to the news, the president of Goal said that NYC Pride’s decision was “demoralizing” and “shameful.”

Other New York City police officers called the decision “disheartening” and “misguided.”

Misguided indeed, disinviting the police from such a large and public event should have the opposite effect if the aim is to improve feelings of safety.

Author: Beth Gardner

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