Liberal State’s Citizens Flee, Seek Secession

A group of five rural Oregon counties voted last Tuesday to formally consider seceding from the antagonistically Democrat run state in favor of joining with Republican-led Idaho.

Voters approved measures in Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur, and Sherman Counties, demanding that officials press forward with initiatives to change the state’s borders in a move meant to escape the burdensome rule of the blue state. Last year, Union and Jefferson Counties agreed to similar measures.

Two of the counties, Malheur and Baker, already border Idaho. Grant and Union counties are nearby them in the east part of the state, while Sherman, Lake, and Jefferson lay at the east edge of the Cascade Mountain region.

A group named “Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho” is supportive of the effort. Their organization hopes to collect the conservative regions of both northern California and Oregon.

Organization leader Mike McCarter said that the results of the election demonstrate that “rural Oregon wants out of Oregon.” He said that the state should not “hold. . . counties captive against our will.”

Any decision to change state borders, regardless of the counties’ voters will, would need approval by both state legislatures in addition to the U.S. Congress. The only times in history that Congress approved changing state border lines was when Kentucky acquired land from Virginia in 1792; Maine collected portions Massachusetts in 1820; and West Virginia, which gathered parts of Virginia during the Civil War in 1863.

Half of Oregon’s population lives in the Portland region, an upset area which repeatedly makes headlines for radical-left dysfunctionality. A minor landmass which elects progressive officials which rule over the entire state.

Author: Stacy Brown

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