Liberal Schools Start Giving Quizzes To ‘Weed Out’ Conservatives

A high school teacher in California is facing investigation by the school after students and parents took issue with the contents of a quiz issued to students last week that contained a question which criticized conservatives.

The multiple-choice question, part of a social science class at Rocklin’s Whitney High School asked students to identify “a group of complete idiots.” The inflammatory choices on the exam included “all of Florida,” “Fox news,” “Texans,” and the “KKK.”

Jessa Krissovich, a parent, shared a screenshot of the offensive question with FOX40 Sacramento and told the outlet that she found the question “unbelievable.”

Krissovich slammed the insulting question’s inclusion in a school quiz. Saying that there was nothing right about making people uncomfortable for their beliefs.

Another parent, who preferred to remain anonymous, told the outlet that it’s pretty common to get such anti-Republican comments from this particular social studies teacher, but that this has turned into the first time that the teacher’s misbehavior is being looked into.

Joel Alquicira, a former student of the offending teacher, said that while the teacher meant to “just… make a joke,” but added that the content was inappropriate as part of a school test.

Justin Cutts, the principal at Whitney High School issued a message to students, families and staff after concerns about the quiz question were raised, and promised that an investigation would be performed on the matter.

He said that the high school is committed to offering a “safe and welcoming environment” to each family and student in what fell just short of a formal apology for the incident. Cutts added that appropriate disciplinary action would be taken but that such actions against personnel are confidential.

The offensive quiz comparing conservatives writ large to radical groups like the KKK is just another manifestation of the recent histrionic radicalization of the far left. The fact that such insane doctrine can exist within our public school system is further proof that American patriots should pull their children out of the public school system and embrace educational alternatives.

The institutionalism of far-left doctrine in public and higher education is turning the country in on itself as teachers such as this one from Whitney High deploy leftist drones from their classrooms with hatred toward their fellow Americans.

Author: Robert Miller