Liberal News Network Gets Shut Down For Breaking The Law

Leftist news outlet MSNBC got banned from the courthouse in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial by Wisconsin judge Bruce Schroeder after authorities detained a man following the jury’s sealed bus who claimed to be an MSNBC employee.

Schroeder gave an explanation of the situation to the courtroom after having received reports from police Wednesday night that a man had been detained and ticketed. The man identified himself as a producer for MSNBC. Police pulled the man over after he ran through a red light in pursuit of the jury bus.

The judge explained that the jury is transported in a sealed bus so that they are not swayed by signage or any external interests while outside of the courtroom.

Schroeder added that the person detained by police and claiming to be a left-wing news producer also said that he was under instructions from higher-ups in New York. Judge Schroeder explained that police followed the vehicle because of its suspicious behavior, following the bus at about a block’s distance, and had cause to detain him when he ran the light. The man explained that he was explicitly instructed “to follow the jury bus.”

As a consequence, Schroeder banned MSNBC News from the courtroom for the remainder of the trial, and said that the matter of the suspicious jury stalker is under investigation. While Schroeder admitted that the “ultimate truth” of the situation is still unknown, it is nevertheless “a very serious matter.”

NBC News claimed that the man pulled over was a “freelancer” who “never contacted or… photographed” the jury. The outlet added that they are cooperating with authorities regarding any investigations into the situation.

Following Schroeder’s announcement, the Kenosha Police Department released information on Twitter detailing the Wednesday night incident where the man was arrested and ticketed on suspicion of interference with the Rittenhouse jury.

The Kenosha PD added to their statement that the jury experienced “no breach of security” and that no photographs were successfully obtained of jury members.

Thursday morning was the third day of Jury deliberations regarding the Rittenhouse trial. The teenager is currently facing five felony charges related to his alleged self-defense situation last summer amid a violent Black Lives Matter riot.

Author: Johnny Young