Liberal Media Desperately Tries To Cover Up This Juicy Obama Quote

Former President Barack Obama criticized President Joe Biden in harsh terms during an ABC News interview regarding the president’s failure to get a grip on the worst crisis ever seen at the U.S.-Mexico border; a situation which many argue was caused by Biden’s own rhetoric and policies.

Speaking to Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America,” Obama said that the 15,000 illegal aliens in Del Rio, Texas living under a bridge are a signal that America doesn’t “have this right yet” when it come to immigration policy.

Obama softballed his criticism by calling Biden “big-hearted,” but then insisted that the time has come to “get serious” about immigration and border control and stop “constantly reacting to emergencies.”

Obama said that what makes immigration policy difficult is the tension between wishing to help others and the need of a nation state to have borders. He said that on one hand, when “we see tragedy… hardship and families… desperately trying to get here… [often] fleeing violence or catastrophe,” there’s the desire to help such suffering people. But still, even Obama admitted during the interview that “open borders is… as a practical matter… unsustainable.”

This last damning line was actually cut from the TV edit of ABC’s interview, but was mistakenly included in the online transcript.

Obama’s comments follow a record setting flood of immigration, with over 400,000 apprehensions taking place at the southern border in the last two months alone.

This isn’t the first time that Obama has stabbed Biden in the back, even if secretly, with an Obama line leaked to Politico last year ahead of the election where he was alleged as saying that Biden’s “ability to f*** things up” musn’t be underestimated.

Even the New York Times released a report in 2019 that detailed how Obama went out of his way to keep Biden from attempting the office of president. Earlier that year, Obama assured Biden that “you really don’t” have to do this. In March of 2019, Obama called on Biden’s top campaign advisers to a special meeting where he instructed them that their number one task was to ensure that Mr. Biden not “damage his legacy,” or “embarrass himself” during the campaign.

Given that the first year of Biden’s term hasn’t yet run out and the U.S. has in that time lost its military prestige, it’s border security, it’s financial basis is crumbling etc. I’d say that Obama’s worst fears have come to pass. Biden has absolutely soiled “his legacy” in American politics.

Author: Jimmie Casey