Liberal Media Busted For Editing Controversial Footage

NBC “Nightly News” used deceptive editing to misrepresent the 911 call and body camera footage of a lethal encounter which ended with a 16 year old assailant dying.

16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was threatening other individuals with a knife. Bryant can be seen in the footage charging at other individuals with the weapon, clearly intending to harm or kill them. In the original audio from the 911 call, frantic calls are made requesting a police officer because Bryant was “trying to stab us.” However, NBC deleted these elements from the audio.

Where other reporting companies clearly pointed to the moments where the knife can be seen in Bryant’s hand, NBC glossed over the fact that there was a knife involved at all, simply showing a picture of the weapon on the ground.

NBC blandly stated that the officer’s camera “shows a knife on the ground,” paired with an image of the knife laying in the driveway.

NBC intentionally covered up evidence which contextualizes the story, because it doesn’t fit their far-left narrative of all police shootings being racially motivated. Even the White House made a public statement before all of the facts were understood.

The White House called the late knife-assailant “a child” and blasted police for using disproportionate violence against “black and Latino people and communities.”

Just earlier in the week, CBS news was caught editing body camera footage which revealed that 13-year-old Toledo was holding a gun when he was shot by Chicago police. CBS cropped the video to conceal the fact that the boy was armed. The left wants to continually paint cops as shooting black children with whimsy, and this crazy narrative is tearing the country apart.

Author: Grant Skaggs

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