Let Freedom Ring: Democrats Crushed By Red Tsunami

The results of the Virginia gubernatorial race are almost in and Republican Glenn Youngkin has a strong lead to defeat the former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe as projections of Republican victory continue to mount in one of the most closely watched elections in the nation.

Youngkin told his supporters that “we won this thing” shortly after 1 a.m. on Wednesday and promised to “change the trajectory” of the state.

Youngkin is a first time candidate whos background is in the business sector of the GOP. He ran a disciplined campaign which focused on crime, taxes, and making public schools be accountable to parents. McAuliffe meanwhile, spent much of his time in the last two months tying Younkin to former President Trump.

McAuliffe also took the step of nationalizing the race, bringing in ‘the big guns’ from the Democrat party such as President Biden, VP Harris, former President Obama and other high profile democrats to vie for him and boost his odds.

Virginia’s gubernatorial race is widely considered as a bellwether in advance of next year’s midterm elections. The victory of governor Youngkin is pressing Democrat anxieties as they failed to defend a spot that Republicans hadn’t held in over a dozen years. The nail-biting can be heard all the way from the Capitol as Democrats see their razor-thin majorities in the House and Senate evaporating.

Youngkin’s victory is largely attributed to widespread voter enthusiasm in the Republican party and the focus on helping angry parents who feel powerless as radical leftist school boards push political propaganda within public education.

Youngkin had major popularity amongst suburban voters, the same who fueled the 2018 election which helped Democrats take the House as well as voted to help Biden’s electoral victory over Trump in 2020. Suburban Virginia, especially Loudoun County – the hotbed of the education culture wars – saw massive Democrat fallout as blue turnout shrunk to a fraction of what it was in past elections.

The Virginia election proves that moderate Democrats are waking up to the smell of horse s***t emanating from their own party. As moderates either flip or simply fail to show up and vote for team blue, Republicans will continue to score victories. 2022 will be a glorious pain train for the country as Republican patriots take back control to save America.

Author: Thomas Anderson