Leftists Use Actual Slaves To Further Green Agenda

One of Joe Biden’s most ambitious plans is to make America an all-electric car country. During his first week at the White House, he declared that he intends to make every federally owned vehicle electric. Pushing electric car technology is also part of his $2 trillion “infrastructure” ala Green New Deal plan. But Biden and other progressive Green Deal proponents are overlooking (or ignoring) one crucial detail in all their scheming. The necessary products to create lithium-ion batteries are sourced from African slave labor.

Deseret News reported about a lawsuit filed in 2019 against Apple, Dell, Alphabet (Google), Tesla, and Microsoft. The suit was brought forward by Congolese parents, attempting to bring justice to the situation in Africa. The lawsuit reveals that Cobalt, a necessary ingredient in lithium-ion battery production, has fueled the latest “wave of cruel exploitation” indifferent to the “starving Congolese people.” In short, the cobalt workers are effectively slaves.

Defendants in the legal case claim that the suit should be dismissed because the U.S. cannot make a ruling about manufacturing processes in a foreign country. But legal or not, the practices of the cobalt mining companies are not right.

The lawsuit reveals more, explaining that the defendants (Big Tech), “have specific knowledge” about the “hazardous conditions” of the mines which lead to “serious mining accidents” especially worsened by the fact that much of the cobalt is “produced by children.” Thousands of children are injured and killed in the cobalt mines every year in order to produce “the world’s modern tech gadgets.”

Ironically, slave labor isn’t the only major hole in the electric vehicle plan. The process of creating lithium batteries is destructive to the environment (and the health of the workers who make it), and used batteries also pose a major environmental hazard.

But at bottom, the fact is this: If black lives actually matter, don’t buy electric cars.

Author: Robin Ward

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