Leftists Target Children For Their Next ‘Infection’

Moderna has started testing its COVID-19 vaccine on infants and children.

According to reports Tuesday, the pharmaceutical company is seeking to expand approval for its vaccine for those between the ages of six months and 12-years-old. The study will consist of nearly 7,000 children in both the U.S. and Canada.

“There will be two parts to this study, the first parts is where we will find the appropriate dose of the vaccine for children,” explained Jacqueline Miller, Moderna’s therapeutic area head for infectious diseases. “Children often need lower doses of vaccines than adults, so we want to make sure we find the best dose that increases their immunity.”

Meanwhile, both Moderna and Pfizer have begun testing on children 12 and older with hopes to make vaccines available to those age groups this year.

Author: OAN Newsroom

Source: OANN: Moderna Begins Testing COVID-19 Vaccine On Infants And Children

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