Leftists Panic After Antifa Announces Their Next Target

Portland’s safety continues to be threatened by crazed Antifa rioters. This week they protested the opening of a “temporary child migrant facility” (remember “kids in cages?”) in Texas by the Biden administration.

Over 150 rioters used blunt weapons and rocks to smash cars and businesses in Portland’s “Pearl District.” 

Police found themselves unable to control the crowd, already exhausted from responding to multiple shooting incidents from earlier in the day.

Rioters smashed windows and ‘tagged’ businesses with graffiti. Victims included Chipotle, Umpqua Bank, Starbucks and Urban Pantry.

Police only made two arrests, one for interfering with a peace officer and one for criminal mischief.

An interview with the owner of Fields Bar & Grill revealed how exhausted business owners are with constantly being subject to riots: “This has been going on for nine months… when do we get enough resources to.. fix this?”

The riots’ destruction was shared on Twitter by journalist and bestseller Andy Ngo.

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