Leftist State Becomes ‘New Soviet’ With Vaccine Passports

Good morning comrades! Or so you might say if you live in Oregon state.

Health officials there recently approved the rollout of vaccine passports. These passports will be necessary in order to de-mask inside places of worship, businesses, government offices, and any other public indoor space.

Those unwilling to show papers proving that they are vaccinated can be reported, and according to the new rules are subject to being “investigated.”

It’s not enormously surprising that the coming regime of hyper-authoritarian government is beginning in Oregon, a state which only pretends to be parsimonious with the U.S. when it’s seeking federal money.

The pandemic was the perfect tool for power hungry leftists to leverage, and finally gain control of people’s freedom of movement. While many will say that this is only happening in one state, just watch to see how the story plays out, as millions in this country have fallen in love with their COVID oppression. Liberal states will begin turning their own cities into new East Berlins, requiring citizens to provide papers in order to be free in public.

As of right now, no other governmental agency requires vaccine passports, but the reflexive authoritarian response is coincidental with Oregon Democrats’ wish to be the first in the race for total tyranny. These new weighty restrictions come as Oregon just experienced a halving of their caseload, meaning that restrictions should be lifted, not ratcheted down.

On the same day that vaccine passports were announced, new rules from Oregon Health Authority, backed by state governor Kate Brown, say that all attendants of K-12 schools, hospitals, jails, and, hilariously, homeless shelters, must wear a mask at all times.

If lucky, there will be a sharp backlash against those who would like to introduce “show us your papers” tyranny. There are signs that even in the bluest of cities, people are throwing off the yoke of COVID tyranny.

Author: Nathan Fitzgerald

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