Leftist Protesters Just Took Official Control of a Major City

Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler called for the arrest and prosecution of violent protestors in the region. He asked that the public “unmask” perpetrators of “ongoing criminal intimidation and violence.” He is asking for the public’s help because he believes that, “people know who these criminals are.”

Mere hours after his call for help, Antifa gave a response to Wheeler’s threats. Violence erupted as members took to the streets in all black uniforms, marking public and private buildings with graffiti and smashing windows.

The city’s state of emergency was been extended by Wheeler, and police ordered to “arrest people engaged in any crimes.” The mayor also greenlit the use of a tactic known as “kettling” where police box in rioters.

Protest organizer’s claim that the mayor is misinterpreting words they spelled out in an open letter to their demonstrators. Protest speaker Mac Smiff told the mayor that, “Sometimes you have to be quiet and listen.”

The letter in question told protestors that behavior which is outside the scope of Antifa or BLM’s mission
or that harms the “solidarity” of the colored community is “not acceptable.”

However, it appears that the mob is beyond the reach of its supposed ‘leadership’ and Portland seems to be doomed to control by the whims of violent leftist insurrectionists.

Author: Carla Smith

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